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Perfect Coffee at Home CoverPERFECT COFFEE AT HOME is the definitive guide to coffee, told through the eyes of two Marines looking to make the most of their morning coffee ritual.

In this first-of-its-kind digital book, Michael Haft and Harrison Suarez will take you through the third wave coffee renaissance and teach you how to make perfect coffee at home. Plus they’ll use illustrations, interactive graphics, videos and a soundtrack to make the whole story an immersive experience.

From French press and pour over techniques for beginners, to microscropic views of coffee bean particles for experts, Haft and Suarez have created a fun, accessible, and fascinating window into how you can take part in the ongoing coffee renaissance.

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Perfect Coffee at Home - Michael Haft & Harrison Suarez

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Indivisible is a meditation on what it means to participate in the American experiment. We see it as self-evident that the definition has changed over the years, and that these changes haven’t always been for the better. We created Indivisible shortly after we got back from Afghanistan, after a time characterized by a particularly bleak perspective, when we found hope in the American legacy of reinvention and its capacity for change.

By commission, via Darryl Carter

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