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Since Perfect Coffee at Home #3: Remarks at the National Coffee Association

This is part three of a four part series on what we’ve learned and what we’ve been up to since publishing Perfect Coffee at Home. Previous articles are listed here: Since Perfect Coffee at Home #1: Starting a Roastery and

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The Book Unveiled: Perfect Coffee at Home

Lately, we’ve been writing about renewal and starting over, and as many of you know, we’ve been in the process of starting a digital publishing company. Without further ado, we present our first book! Thousands of cups in the making.

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Memorial Day 2013: Questions

“We lose ourselves when we compromise the very ideals that we fight to defend. And we honor those ideals by upholding them not just when it is easy, but when it is hard.” —Barack Obama, 2009 On this Memorial Day,

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Always Faithful

We’ve spent the past few weeks packing. We’re moving from Surf City, North Carolina back home to Washington, D.C. It’s not just a change of location, it’s a change of mindset, from the structure of the military to the great

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