Learning from Mistakes

weiner again

“Success does not consist in never making mistakes but in never making the same one a second time.”
― George Bernard Shaw

Making mistakes is a critical part of life. You don’t know the market, the terrain, the product, the technology, whatever. You jump in and you try something new.

It’s inevitable that you make mistakes. It’s a good thing, in fact. It’s part of being human. No one is perfect.

The question is what do you do when you make a mistake. Do you learn from it? Or do you repeat it?

Sending pictures of your dick to a young woman who isn’t your wife: it’s definitely a mistake, especially when you’re a public figure. But America is all about second chances.

Sending more pictures of your dick, after you’ve apologized the first time and promised to change? You’re a flawed person. You have problems. You should be self-aware enough to recognize that you shouldn’t be leading. And the fact that you don’t have the judgment to make that call, to say “hey, I should probably sit this one out,” speaks volumes about your character.

Maybe we’re too idealistic, but we believe in the history of great American leaders who actually wanted to make a difference, who kept their private lives in order so they could focus on real challenges facing the country.

Is sexting illegal? No. Is it illegal to send pictures of your dick to a young woman who isn’t your wife? No. Should these actions be outlawed? No.

But this incident brings up the difference between legality and morality.

To be a leader, you have to lead by example. It sets the tone for your organization.

There should be a higher standard for people seeking public office.

Instead, we get this.