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Making coffee in the morning.

Making coffee in the morning.

Michael Haft and Harrison Suarez are entrepreneurs, authors, and former infantry officers in the United States Marine Corps. After leaving the Marines in early 2013, they wrote Perfect Coffee at Home, an interactive book designed as the definitive guide to coffee. They currently live in Washington, D.C. where they have founded a roastery and cafe called Compass Coffee.

A few words about our history and how it guides what we’re doing. We went to college together, we served in the Marines together, and in Afghanistan, we fought together, leading platoons just a few miles apart in the Helmand Province. Harrison and his Marines embedded with the Afghan National Army, Michael and his Marines were with the Afghan Uniform Police, and with our Afghan partners we helped turn a city around. It was an unusual mission during an unusual time, and a profound education in reality.

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Haft Suarez Mission

The two of us after linking up during a mission in Afghanistan. This picture was taken shortly after we detained a Taliban insurgent cell. Michael is on the left, Harrison is on the right.

Nowadays, we write about things going on in our lives, lessons we’ve learned, books we’ve read, and just the general ecosystem of ideas we try to use when thinking critically about the world. Two questions that we spend a lot of time thinking about: What does it mean to fix your part? And how can you be your best self?

More to come in the future. For now, you can check out our blog to find out more, you can read our book, or you can sign up for our mailing list, which we use to keep people informed about our biggest projects.